About Movement for Green Revolution (MGR)

Movement for Green Revolution (MGR) is a non-profit , non governmental organization engaged in promoting the awareness on the usage of Renewable Energy particularly Solar Energy. This is a voluntary organization where any supporters and donors can join this movement, gain knowledge on Renewable Energy and start using and spread the benefits of using Renewable Energies. MGR relies on contributions from individual/Institutional supporters and foundation grants and does not dependent on Government Aid.

About the Trustees

Mr. K.E. Raghunathan – Founder & Trustee A first generation Entrepreneur who has spent more than 29 years in the solar field as Managing Director of SOLKAR SOLAR INDUSTRY LTD. A person with lots of desire for Solar Energy, created a wide range of innovative solar products. He has served the nation by being an Advisory committee member to Govt. of India , Planning Commission Member to Govt. of Tamil Nadu in the renewable energy sector. It is his passion and a strong desire to create this NGO to make solar power as a revolution and enable every human being live with betterment of self generated energy from Renewables.

Mrs. K.E. Latha Raghunathan – Managing Trustee A passionate person in the Solar Industry. She has been actively involved in naturing of SOLKAR SOLAR INDUSTRY LTD , for the last 24 years as Director.

Objectives & Activities